Colombia has a wide coffee regions and varieties , which allows us to offer you the best quality through our states coffee  representing people, groups, dreams and efforts of our traditional coffee region, because we have our own coffee farms, we work with local growers and partner with associations and coops in many regions around Colombia to grow the best coffee. We want to show the real value of coffee, because behind a cup is a bigger labor that reflect love and families and through of our company we have the possibility to exalt it.

La Loma
Villa Betulia
Acevedo, Huila
Saint Vincent
La Plata, Huila
Villa Clara
chinchina, caldas
Llanogrande Estate
Neira, Caldas
Finca Monteblanco
San Adolfo
San Pablo
Neira, Caldas
Laderas de Tapias
Neira, Caldas
Finca San Jose
Chinchina, Caldas
Finca San Luis
Libano, Tolina
Herrera, Tolima
El Mirador
La Gaitana
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La Pradera
Herrera, Tolima
San Sebastián
Inzá, Cauca
La Virginia
Timaná, Huila
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