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Villa Clara is a farm located in the heart of the UNESCO Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia, is devoted to creating special cup flavors, working and supporting small growers by marketing their coffee at China and Taiwan, ensuring that the special mix of tradition, love and Colombian passion can reach the world, starting commercial operations in the Asian continent.


At Villa Clara  we believe that quality standards, production techniques focused on constant improvement and above all, love and devotion to each bean will allow us to continue guaranteeing traceability and quality of each cup, so we can work closely with many more of the 500.000 families that rely on coffee production today in Colombia

In 2016 we open a direct distributor company in Taiwan pursuing a direct trade with the market 

Carolina Mejia

Supply chain and quality assurance director, Colombia and Taiwan


I'm Caro, and I have been in the coffee world all my life. My family has been growing coffee in Colombia's coffee axe for 5 generations, so I always knew it was a matter of time until I decided to devote myself full time to helping Colombian farmers to showcase their products abroad.

During my childhood, my father encouraged me to stay away from the coffee business due to the bad conditions it offers in the local markets; I complied.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to study business economics, which gave me a globally commercial and entrepreneurial vision; my career path took me abroad, and eventually landed me in Taiwan 9 years ago.

Through VCC we want to combine our knowledge and bring the best of Colombia and the world to Taiwan.

This new experience allows me to constantly travel between my two favourite places in the world, always bringing knowledge from Taiwanese customers, skilled roasters and baristas, back home to research and implement new processes in order to constantly increase the coffee quality.

Peggy Lin 

Sales and logistics Director, Taiwan


Since I was in Business School, I know I want to be a sales representative although I did not have a certain industry in mind that I want to work in. I enjoy meeting different background, different culture, and different value people. Interacting with them enhance my view to see the world.

More important, I really loves building things, and luckily I got chance to found VCC Taiwan with my partner, Carolina. Initially thinking I would put that entrepreneurship degree to good use when I am 40 or elder, but surprise always comes without you notice it. I was in Electronics industry, working as an international sales representative/ manager for years. Today, I have grown into the role of director of sales, overseeing sales teams on countries.

I live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, but I travel very often to explore the market. See you somewhere around the world.

2019-03-13 15.03.54.jpg

Northern Taiwan Sales Representative


Chen is what people call me. Since I was in university, I like coffee very much, and expecting it can be my career. Fortunately, after school, I got hired by a coffee equipment company, and gained the coffee machine fixing and adjusting technique. After that, I went to Kaohsiung City for a coffee chain store to do coffee shop setting up, including location picking, employee training, and SOP organizing. With all the experience, I have been joining Villa Clara Café from 2017. With VCC, I finally can start the core of coffee industry – coffee origin exploring. Every single experience and information that I’ve been receiving helps me to communicate with customer by more vivid and decent; it helps me to know how beautiful can specialty coffee be!




Life is hard; Coffee helps. Hey, my name is Kao, and I aim to devote my following career in coffee industry. I’m in charge of warehouse management, domestic logistic and coffee stock quality control. I enjoy doing my job which allows me to “swim” in different kinds of coffee.

Coffee is everywhere in my life, and I want to share our good coffee with you to energized your life!

Suica Liu

Asia Sales Representative

My coffee adventure started when I left for Australia to seek a new challenge in 2014, I work in Specialty cafe surrounded by coffee loves in a country which well-known by its own unique and mature coffee culture, that’s the time I know a great cup of coffee requires tones of knowledge and passion from seed to cup. During my stay in Australia, I enjoy meeting friends across countries with different backgrounds, we shared skills, experience, and the most important thing - love of coffee from roles in this supply chain, I consider myself very lucky to have these treasure experience as my base stone. Certainly, it’s my pleasure to join VCC , I looking forward to serving more coffee geeks, may coffee bring us all together travel around the world.

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