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     Villa Clara

Villa Clara is a farm located in the heart of the UNESCO Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia, is devoted to creating special cup flavors, working and supporting small growers by marketing their coffee at China and Taiwan, ensuring that the special mix of tradition, love and Colombian passion can reach the world, starting commercial operations in the Asian continent.


At Villa Clara  we believe that quality standards, production techniques focused on constant improvement and above all, love and devotion to each bean will allow us to continue guaranteeing traceability and quality of each cup, so we can work closely with many more of the 500.000 families that rely on coffee production today in Colombia

In 2016 we open a direct distributor company in Taiwan pursuing a direct trade with the market 

Our Team

A reliable one ! 

Coffee is our passion and purpose. United by a commitment to excellence, our team pours heart and soul into every cup. Welcome to our world of coffee devotion.



Colombia/Huila/Los Nogales/Yellow bourbon/

Double Anaerobic Washed

Coffee Review 95 (By KaKaLove)


Colombia/Huila/Las Flores/Bourbon Sidra/

Yeast Anaerobic Washed

Coffee Review 95 (By KaKaLove)

Kenya/Kiambu/Windrush AA/


Coffee Review 96 (By KakaLove)

Colombia/Caldas/Finca Villa Clara/

Washed Supremo

Coffee Review 92 (By Coffeeling)

2023 WCRC Silver Tier

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