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Coffee grower

Coop Occicafe


Villa Betulia


1600 masl


Acevedo, Huila


16C° - 27C°

Villa Betulia

Luis Anibal Calderón is part of the second generation of coffee growers from Acevedo, Huila. His life in the fields started when he was 12 years old. By age 15, his father gave him a small piece of land to work and began to save the profits generated by this production. 6 years later, he managed to buy his first farm. He married and had 3 children. At age 40 he bought the Villa Betulia farm where he first planted Castillo and Caturra. In 2012 he started planting 5000 Geisha trees and for 3 years seeing the success of this production and its excellent quality, he decided to plant his entire farm in exotic varieties such as Bourbon Rojo, Tabi, Bourbon Amarillo, Java, Sidra, Caturrón , Maragogype, Papayo, Pacamara, Maragesha, Bourbon Rosado, Gesha Rosado, Gesha Amarillo, Wush Wush, Mokka, Maracaturra, among others. Luis Anibal currently lives on his Villa Betulia farm with his wife and 3 children (7, 12 and 18 years) who continue with the family tradition of producing high-quality coffees in Colombia.




Araerobic washed

Tasting note 

Ginger Lily, Citrus, Malt sugar

Description Process

This coffee is harvested following a strict ripeness criteria, exposed to a dry fermentation of 40 hours with the pulp on inside grain pro bags. Afterwards washed and dried on raised beds to ideal moisture content.

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