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Every coffee comes along with stories, there are farmers, producers, sample roasters, cuppers and the most part of it -- #WATER !

We often speak about how to have a consistent coffee cupping evaluation.

This time Villa Clara is providing a full experience with beans from Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia and

a pack of AQUACODE to ensure we are all cupping with the same water quality regardless of

where we are, reducing the outer variable, creating a similar cupping environment as possible as we could.

To those who doesn’t know about this sample set
Clink below to see if it still available
Taster`s Coffee X AQUACODE X Villa Clara Cafe 

【WHAT's inside】

a. A greeting card.

b. 8 different profiles coffee:

1 Colombia Santa Barbara Caturra Washed

2 Colombia San Vicente Castillo, Caturra, Colombia Washed

3 Colombia El Rosario Tabi Washed

4 Colombia Bilbao Caturra Natural

5 Kenya Gititu FSC AB Top Washed

6 Kenya Karani Factory AA Top Washed

7 Ethiopia Villa Clara Customize lot G1 CO2, Natural

8 Colombia Finca San Jose Pink Bourbon Rum, Washed

c. A pack of Aquacode.

Note. green coffee is provided by Villa Clara ; roasted by Taster`S Coffee in this package.

Note note. #8 Finca San Jose has a strong fermentation profile, we suggest NOT tasting this cup before other items.

【AQUACODE Coffee Brewing Water】

To make 74ppm water for the cupping, you will need distilled water at 0ppm and the Aquacode sachets provided in the kit. For individual cuppers, you may weigh out 0.75g of Aquacode from 1 sachet to add to 1 litre of distilled water. For group cupping, you may use 1 entire sachet to 8 litres of distilled. Please ensure to be aware of the total amount of water required for the entire cupping and adjust the quantity of water made.

【Find out how much you won】


Take a photo of your box and post it on Facebook or Instagram, hashtag #AQUACODE #tasterscoffee #villaclaracafe




A. Order the Limited San Jose, Pink bourbon, Rum, Washed NOW!

Please note, due to this product is a limited edition, Qty is subject to change without notice.

B. You won USD30 cash credit for the first bag you purchased, USD 18 for every rest of the bags.

Please note, the credit is offered at a full bag price only, and it will be used instantly at the currently order, no accumulation.

* All terms above apply from 2021/11/01 till 2022/1/25. *

【How to connect to your needs】

1. Fill up the form to get THE CUPPING GAME,

or scar the QR Code on the right to get in touch with us.

2. Or, simply go to Contact Us to send us a message, a sales rep will in your service .

3. Inquiry of AQUACODE, please contact Taster`S Coffee

***All rights reserved by Villa Clara Cafe.***


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