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Experience a myriad of flavors crafted by our artisan roasters entwining in one delightful cup.

Every coffee comes along with stories, we mentioned farmers, producers, cuppers , now it's time for ROASTERS!

Good quality coffee has a great potential to present varied faces developed by different roasting profiles. we are honored to invite 6 cafes who locates in Taiwan and Hong Kong, have specialty in roasting and they will present 6 different coffee from Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Who are they?

Coffeeling Taiwan|Kaohsiung

Villa Clara Cafe, Supremo

Region:Colombia, Caldas

Variety:Caturra, Bourbon


This coffee is planted by Villa Clara Estate in Caldas, Colombia, and produced by a traditional washed process.

I use medium roast profile and it has a caramel sweetness while you drink it hot, it also has a mild mint fragrance come along with a woody scent at the finishing, with a beautiful tasting experience, it scores 92 at Coffee Review which is a worldwide well known coffee guide.

If you have a thing to sweet coffee, you must try this!


El Virginia Estate

Region:Colombia, Huila

Variety:Yellow Bourbon

Process:Double Fermentation washed

Yellow bourbon is found in Brazil originally and now you can find it in the whole world. Not only has its lovely orange color as a signature, but the tasting flavor is also more on the citrus side, with a slightly Maple syrupy fragrance and golden tangerine highlighting its layers of texture.

It has a medium to strong mouthfeel, and the extraordinary sweetness makes it a great fit for coffee lovers who prefer less acidity in their cup.


La Pradera

Region:Colombia, Tolima



We choose the Typica from La Pradera for its great potential to fit in different roasting profiles. The light-medium roasting profile provides varieties of flavour notes that appears by temperature changes.

You will find a pomelo and mandarin in its bright acidity, also medium-heavy body and the sweetness as plum puree change into brown sugar. After it colds down, there are more walnut notes that come along with dried-lemon sliced and black tea.

It's an ancient variety ---Typica, and produced by the washed process. We are sincerely hoping you will find the pleasure in this coffee as we do.

Taiwan|Tao Yuan

Gatomboya Factory

Region:Kenya, Nyeri

Variety:SL28, SL34


Gatomboya is a Kikuyu word meaning “swamp”, it was built in 1987 join Barichu FCS in1996.

The annual rainfall in the area is 1500 mm, average temperatures are mainly between 14 and 25 Celcius, the soils around Mount Kenya is volcanic soils, rich to grow coffee.

Gatomboya collects cherries from about 698 smallholders for processing, the factory offers its members access to credit for school fees, farm inputs and emergencies, their goal is to share information with farmers regarding crop husbandry and other agricultural coffee practices.


Gogugu Group

Region:Ethiopia, Guji Variety:Kudhume, Welichu, Miqe, Birbirsa, 74110, 74112


Ethiopia---Welcome to the region that always makes coffee lovers difficult to choose!

Gugi is a popular production area where coffee buyers come by very often in recent years, Gogugu washed lots that were prepared following the procedure of fully washed coffee processing, over 2,000 smallholders, coffee farmers deliver red cherries to this washing station, well ripped and uniform, coffee cherries are pulped immediately after harvest and fermented for a total 48-60 hrs depending on the surrounding temp.

During the process, water is changed every 12 hours, sometimes soaking is applied overnight after the main fermentation to further clean up the rest of mucilage, therefore, this coffee has a beautiful and obvious clean cup profile.

Hong Kong

Kiriaini Factory

Region:Kenya, Murang’a Variety:SL28, SL34


Good coffee doesn’t just happen – that’s why we want to tell you about how the efforts of our producing partners play such an important role in the way we craft your cup of coffee.---Craft Coffee Roaster.

Kiriaini Factory located in Murang’a Country, one of the five counties in the Central Region of Kenya. The Kiriaini Factory are formed by small holders in the region, and although the total production was declined due to the higher average temperature and pest & diseases, the factory insist to collect only the SL28 & SL34 variety to keeping the best quality.

The bright mulberry acidity will fill up your mouth, and the orange marmalade sweetness with hibiscus tea-liked will finish. Fruity lover just can’t miss it.



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