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Coffee grower

     Norbey Quimbayo 


       La Esmeralda


      1600 m.a.s.l

The processing center was created in 2018 to offer better prices to producers by purchasing coffee cherries from them and also to replicate the fermentation protocols with minimal variables and thus generate larger volume batches with homogeneous cup profiles. Johan was also seeking recognition for the area's high-quality coffee in the international market. The plant currently has fermentation tanks, a mechanical and solar drying area, as well as sufficient storage for the entire coffee stock. The plant is located in the Herrera district, in Johan's house.

3 - 5 people work with him in the processing center, who are also from the municipality. Currently, 5 farms are working permanently, but they have purchased coffee from 15 more farms. The farm purchasing system depends on the demand of the processes. However, the selected producers are always the best, who bring good quality cherries. Johan is a fifth generation coffee producer on the Monteverde family farm and has been cupping for 13 years.

Anaerobic Washed


    Anaerobic Washed


Description Process

Fermentation: The cherries go through a 48-hour oxidation process in plastic bags, then they are pulped and fermented with citrus fruits for 12 hours in open tanks. Drying: 20 days in a walkway and/or canopy.


Tasting note

Lavender, Sage, Orange Juice, White Sugar

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