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Coffee grower

     Oscar Javier Paez


       Finca La Gallera


      1800 m.a.s.l

La Gallera farm has been a good friend of ours for quite a long time, the fifth-generation farm owner Oscar Javier Paez inherited the farm from his brother who was passed away during a robbery in his house. Young Oscar has to take care of the coffee farm since then. He has been receiving many helps from neighbors, which is definitely a blessing in disguise for him. From harvest to processing, he has also learned a lot of skills from his neighbors too.

Now that Oscar has a family, together with his wife Adelaida Aroca, they are raising three children. The passion for coffee has been driving the family to keep up their work in the field, and their effort has been paid off. With their unique and high-quality coffee beans, they were able to sell their coffee at a better price, so that they could improve their life standard by building a better house instead of living in a ranch made of damaged wood.




Bourbon Sidra

Description Process

Cherry fermentation for 12Hr  before into wet mill, and then another 12 hr fermentation on the tank, the washed process is done after both fermentation, after all, coffee beans have to do sun-dry for 15 days.


Tasting note

Violet, Sweet Orange, Lychee, White Grape, Honey

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