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2020 Taiwan Int’l COFFEE SHOW

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Hello every, it’s grateful to announce we are having 2020 Taiwan Int’l COFFEE SHOW on schedule, of course many thanks to everyone’s efforts to make it happen.

Show Dates: November 13 (Fri.) - 16 (Mon.)

Show Times: AM10:00 ~ PM6:00

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

(No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan)

We know you might not be able to attend this exhibition from oversea due to the Covid-19, we don't want you to miss out all the NEW Products we have prepared, therefore, it would be great if you leave the needs with us, let VCC deliver beans to your door.

More information, please visit the Google form below, fill it up, we would contact you shortly.


This year, Villa Clara Cafe is collaborating with our clients to host a bigger booth, to plan events with Masters for different coffee subjects, and to share the coffee we know.

Different processing different cup! How did it happen? 】

We are applying the same Variety from the same Farm to discuss all the good things produced from different processing.

Applying products:

  • Monteverde Estate/ Geisha/ Yeast Aerobic Washed

  • Monteverde Estate/ Geisha/ Yeast Aerobic Honey

  • Monteverde Estate/ Geisha/ Yeast Aerobic Natural

【 Meet KENYA coffee and know it better 】

KENYA, a World-known Coffee Origin where VCC has been visiting and been building up a reliable sourcing channel for years. This year, VCC invites our Kenya consultant to share the beauty of Kenya coffee and many helpful tips when it comes down to make decisions of purchasing, roasting and brewing.

Applying Products:

  • Kenya Series

【 Cup with 2020 Taiwan Cup Tasters Championship 】

Every coffee lover has their own way to CUP, VCC invites the 2020 Champion to share how he achieved to be a professional on the cupping table, what to notice in details of different origins.

Get VCC NTD $300 gift voucher if you conquer the fun game after the sharing! Come and have fun!

Applying Product:

  • Beans from Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Myanmar


Eager to know more about COFFEE from origins to the table?

Come to Villa Clara Cafe (M420) at 2020 Taiwan Int’l COFFEE SHOW.

For the oversea clients, Stay safe, Stay healthy, we will see you soon!



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