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Coffee grower

     Juan Pablo Echeverri Londoño 


     La Gaviota  


     1600 m.a.s.l.

In the middle of the exuberant mountains in Caldas, is the Hacienda Venecia, a coffee farm where they have written for 60 years a long tradition around the aromatic coffee bean. Venice is the result of the effort and commitment of a family. Ildefonso Echeverri, founder of the hacienda, would sow the first seeds in these fertile lands, giving rise to the extensive coffee plantations that today flourish in the mountains and enrich the Coffee Cultural Landscape of the region. Since 2002, the farm belongs to the fourth generation and is under the leadership of Juan Pablo Echeverri Londoño.


The coffee price crisis, more than a challenge, represented for them the opportunity to grow and continue to build the family legacy. That is why they have focused on being at the forefront of market trends and demands, which are increasingly aligned with environmental sustainability, quality, social responsibility, ethics and the connection of origin with consumers.
In its coffee plantations of volcanic soils you can find different varieties rich in sweetness and complexity.

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Description Process

Coffee cherries are 36 hours fermented in some closed bags and then 24 hours fermentedwith water in open submerged tanks. Then they are de-pulped and 18 hours of oxidation.Drying:Under the sun for 3 days then it’s placed in a “Silo” mechanical drying system

Tasting note 

Camellia, Rainier Cherry, Peach, Berry, Pomelo Jam

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