Neira, Caldas 

Coffee grower

Mario Zuleta


Llanogrande Estate


1700 ~ 2100  masl

Llanogrande Estate

Llanogrande’s owner Mario Zuleta is the third generation of coffee growers and has been taking care of the farm for fourteen years, his wife is a nurse and helps him to support his family taking care of both of their kids.

Llanogrande is a small farm of 6 hectares which has no place to do the wet mill or fermentation process that why he was forced to pay someone else to do it for them or sell the coffee wet and a low price. Laderas del Tapias saw the potential of the farm that’s why they have been working together for the passing year where they take care of the process after the coffee is picked and formulating new protocols for natural coffee.






24 Hr in cherry 

Tasting note 

Vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, chocolate, concord grape 

Description Process

Natural coffees are harvested ripe then leave it to dry intentionally, therefore, there will be a natural fermentation occurring during the processing which produces typical fermentation flavours such as tropical fruits, sometimes the flavour could be strong as winey.

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