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Gititu Farmer Co-operative Society (FCS)


1800-1900 masl




18 °C



Gititu Farmer Co-operative Society (FCS)

The factory is situated few kilometers from Kiambu Town and 30 KM from the Capital Centre Nairobi. Over 5000 farmers send their fresh coffee cherry here to process next step, the varieties are SL28 and SL34 from the altitude of 1400 -1600 MASL.
 There are 8 different wet mills formed under Gititu Farmers co-operative Society, it’s also one of the classic factory in Kenya with its well-known reputation.
 1997 Best Managed Awards
 2015/16年 Growers Excellence Award Scheme of Coffee Directorate(Kiambu)




Kenyan Washed


AA Top、AB Plus

Description Process

There are 5 times to hand-selected coffee in Gititu FSC.
First of all, as soon as the coffee fruit arrives at Gititu FCS, the worker would pick out the branches and leaves.then sent coffee cherry into the water tank for 72-hour fermentation.

The second time is to remove the unripe fruits when coffee cherries float on the surface in the tank. While the coffee cherries stay in the fermentation tank, Gititu FSC changes the water in the morning every 24 hours to ensure the fermentation conditions to an ideal level.

After the fermentation is completed, the third hand-select happens when the coffee cherries are transported by water channel, the coffee beans would go different path due to its density, after this process, the workers will also use tools to push the beans to increase friction to remove the pulp.

When the coffee is done washed process and ready to dry on the African shelf, workers would pick out the broken coffee beans from the result then lay out beans on the shelf evenly in a single layer with a thickness which is no more than 1 inch, and workers are flipping coffee four times a day: morning, noon, afternoon and before the end of work. Also cover the shelves with canvas to protect the coffee beans from potential sunshine damage and moisture changes. after all, the final hand-select happens right before the beans being sent to the dry mill.

Among of all FSC, Gititu FCS has always insisted on this complicated protocol to take care of every coffee bean. That's probably why they have won many awards since 1997.

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